How to map your beliefs blueprint

How to map your beliefs blueprint

Everything within is without… our entire reality is built on our perspective and our perspective is based on our beliefs…

This seems uber woo but there are aspects of neuroscience that concur with this. Our brains have a Reticular Activating System (RAS) which filters our environment based on what our brains believe is to be prioritised. The reason our brains filter out environment is because our conscious mind simply cannot process all the stimuli and data coming at us through our five senses.

Ever been looking at buying a new car and suddenly everyone is driving that car? Or you learned a new word and everywhere you now notice that word? Or you’re pregnant and it seems everyone else is too?

That’s the RAS, that’s the filter that is focusing your senses on what the brain deems to be important.

Now this same effect happens in all aspects of our thinking. This is why what we believe tends to become realised. We endearingly refer to it as Murphy’s Law.

So here’s a fun exercise… consider an aspect of your life that you view as not working. Maybe that’s your relationship, your finances, your health. And then reflect of that aspect, writing down everything that you notice about that aspect. Once you’ve got a list of everything you’ve noticed, turn those things into beliefs by rephrasing the statement to “I believe…”

Relationship example

We argue frequently about silly things.

I believe that people are meant to argue and bicker in relationships


I earn a monthly salary of $5,000

I believe I’m worth earning $5,000 a month


I workout only when I feel like it

I believe that working out should only be done when I feel like it.

Now once you have your list of beliefs you can begin to decide whether these beliefs align to what you want or not. If they aren’t in alignment with what you want, you can begin to reframe these into beliefs that you do want. Also working with a hypno-coach can be incredibly valuable especially since we’re able to use the power of the subconscious mind to recode these beliefs. Doing this very exercise helps you to notice what beliefs sit in your subconscious mind, and hypnosis helps to recode those beliefs.