Let me reintroduce myself… I am Sabrina Andreucci

Let me reintroduce myself… I am Sabrina Andreucci

I am Sabrina Andreucci

I am a party starter.

I am a company leader.

I’ve always been, ever since I was little, right up into my 20’s.

In kindergarten I would take the underdog under my wing and show them the ropes – this was literally included in my report card.

I stood up to the bullies in primary school.

I bridged all the different friend groups in high school.

I opened the dance floor at many-a-club in my 20’s.

I quit toxic jobs in my early 30’s while still maintaining deep friendships with my colleagues still today.

And then… I got scared. I became afraid that I might be too much. I thought it was time to grow up and get serious. I was worried that my opinions on things might be too controversial. I felt like I went against the grain and that wasn’t what I was meant to do.

So I became quiet. I stopped dancing. I left the wallflowers to their own devices. My heart hardened. My spirit shrunk. My voice became mainstream.

Until 6 years ago my body lashed back with gnawing, burning acid attacks in my stomach and debilitating lower back pain that rendered me flat on my back for days, working from bed with my laptop on my chest.

It was brutal as the top and tail or my torso ping-ponged like Yin and Yang taking turns as I pivoted back and forth in pain… stomach, back, stomach, back, stomach, back. The irony that painkillers and anti-inflametories were a no-go was not lost on me, I had no option but to truly turn inwards and listen.

It was my chiropractor, hovering off the floor, all his weight on his elbow which was jammed into my hip trying to readjust my lower body for the umpteenth week in a row, that suggested “you might wanna consider therapy for this, it’s probably an emotional blockage…” erm, ok?

I was in therapy that same week, I mean I had tried every other hocus pocus remedy and therapy up until this point since allopathic medicine couldn’t help me… so what harm could seeing a quack do?

“In about 2 to 3 sessions we will do hypnosis…” my therapist nonchalantly mentioned as I sat nervously on her couch.

“Hypnosis?! That’s brainwashing!” I retorted, almost shocked that I had spoken out so abruptly, and rudely at that…

“Yes, it’s not like the chicken clucking stuff you see in shows. It’s more like deep meditation, you’ll enjoy it.”

“Don’t tell me what I will enjoy…” I snarled, in my head. Absolutely no chance I would risk saying that out loud, especially after the eruption of thought through my mouth I happened on a bit earlier.

I went home and Googled this hypnosis proposition and within a few short weeks had indulged myself in countless online resources, experienced my first regression therapy, and was now providing my therapist with input and feedback on my self-guided hypnosis sessions.

Within 3 months I had weaned off the anti-depressants which I hadn’t even mentioned earlier, I was diagnosed with depression in amongst all the other debilitating health issues. The stomach issues I resolved with a brilliant homeopath, and the back pain cleared… with hypnosis.

Not 6 months later I had enrolled to certify in hypnotherapy myself. It was so profound I knew I needed to understand every detail of how this incredible transformation could take place. I have become enthralled by the subconscious mind and our ability to rewire and recode our way out of debilitating physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues. I’ve gone on to get other certifications in NLP, RTT and life/business coaching too.

Since then I left my previous career as a digital strategist and started my very own hypno-coaching practice.

I now guide company leaders to overcome limiting beliefs and subconscious blocks so that they can own their success.

I recognise that company leaders are not only business owners, but leaders within business too. Company leaders also lead company within their communities, they lead company within their families, and they lead company with themselves.

I view company leaders as those who choose to be viewed as people who can make an impact and when we as company leaders expand our own strength and sturdiness, our ripple effect is that much wider.

My biggest brag is finally choosing me. Recognising that I’m a party starter. I am a company leader.

I was born for this role. And the numbers prove it… 6 figures in my first 6 months of business with a 5 figure profit. On track for multi 6 figures now into my first year with again 5 figure profit, heading towards my goal for my first million in the next 18 months or less.

I work with incredible people from across the world, I pour my heart and soul into providing a world-class South African experience to all my clients. I’ve transferred some of my best skills from my previous career paths realising that it was all part of the plan.

I am so proud of the work I’ve done, on myself, for myself, for others, with others.

Here I am! Me, Sabrina Andreucci!