My Story from Pain to Peace

My Story from Pain to Peace

I am Sabrina Andreucci, and I personally healed from chronic, unexplained pain. Almost 6 years ago now I was suffering with out-of-the-blue gastritis and gut issues. Nothing made sense at the time since I was more healthy than ever, exercising daily, eating well, sleeping well, and staying hydrated. My stress levels were low and I was overall happy and content. The burning, gnawing pain in my stomach seemed totally random, not linked to any specific triggers, and totally debilitating. As soon as the gastritis had alleviated, I began to experience debilitating lower back pain where at it’s worst I could not walk from the pain and spent most days working from bed, flat on my back with my laptop on my chest.

The health-issues would alternate between burning, gnawing, unrelenting stomach pain and debilitating, shooting back pain and eventually sciatica running down the back of both legs. Nothing seemed to help – I changed my diet, changed my shoes, changed my bed, changed my chairs, changed my work desk, everything I could, but it made little to no difference. Medically managing the pain was also tricky since my stomach couldn’t handle any anti-inflammatories, so I opted for alternative practices working with a biokineticist and chiropractor for my back, and scio practitioner, homeopath and acupuncture doctor for my stomach.

The turning point came when my chiropractor mentioned that the pain I was experiencing was likely emotional and unlikely to release using physical modalities – I needed to go for therapy. At the time, I had also been diagnosed with depression and was on medication to support my mental state too. I had nothing to lose and so immediately booked a session with a therapist, who happened to be a certified RTT® Practitioner and hypnotherapist too… see where this is going?

At first, I was not comfortable with the idea of being hypnotised, however after doing my own research and trying out self-hypnosis I realised that hypnosis felt very much like meditation, and in fact I had done some versions of hypnosis before thinking it was meditation. With the help of RTT®, hypnosis, and weekly therapy sessions, the pain subsided within 3 months and has not since returned in the last 3 years.

Because of my own phenomenal healing and experience with hypnosis, I certified as an RTT® Practitioner, since also getting my certification in life coaching, NLP, and hypnotherapy as well, and currently running a successful hypno-coaching practice helping clients with their journey to owning their success. I’ve since decided, after reflecting on my own success in healing chronic back pain, to create a focused program to help more people in moving from pain to peace.

I look forward to working with you and supporting you towards owning your success.