What is the Context with which you run your life? Here’s my context…

What is the Context with which you run your life? Here’s my context…

My context is context.                              

Hear me out…

I’m all about discovering the deeper meaning and etymology of words. In doing this, I find that I’m able to resonate, vibrate, connect, with the frequency of the word more.

As we all know, everything is vibration and frequency and words are one of our most powerful spell casting tools for creating.

For example, the word “business” always felt off for me because the word itself has the same tone as the term busy-ness. I was almost not surprised when researching the origin of the word business being from the old English “bisignis”, meaning anxiety. Pweh, that hit’s hard, especially when we consider for some, the trauma of hustle culture. Anxiety, interestingly also implying eagerness, keenness, and even desire, which then expands the circumstances with which we choose to interpret these words, and the kinds of pictures they create in our minds… It would seem that business can either create a frequency for anxiety, or one of desire. What about anxious desire… how does that feel in your body?

Upon learning about business, I chose to create company instead. For me, we create companies, and businesses to generate revenue, income, wealth, money. I purposefully added all of those words, for you to feel into, and perhaps research, which one resonates best with you. But there are other reasons, beside generating wealth that one would embark on creating a company.

To create a vehicle that could steer and propel them towards their vision and purpose.

To create a swaddle where one could express their talents.

To create company with others to steer, propel, and express their own talents, and purpose.

I’ve been mulling over the context of the context… I’ve researched the word itself – I will get to that in a second – I’ve reflected on my interpretation of the word and how I would explain this concept to someone else, and whether that would land for them, or how they would understand my understanding. I’ve gone back to the module again. I’ve planted the concept into my mind before going to sleep to see what my subconscious comes forward with. I’ve spoken it over with my partner to get their perspective on my context. I’ve reflected on how I’ve been setting up the context of my life until now. I’m still clarifying. I’m still letting it settle. I’m still allowing this to percolate.

What has come forward for me is this…

con- together

texere- to weave

The Latin origin of the word context means “to weave together”

This ignites something for me, on so many levels. Let me provide more context…

The weaving together of disconnected cells on the brink of cancerous metastasis and dis-ease.

The weaving together of exiled parts of ourselves shrouded in shadow.

The weaving together of lost friendships, fraught families, and crumbling relationships.

The weaving together of back-turned communities, enabling divide-and-conquer.

The weaving together of divided societies brainwashed in propaganda.

The weaving together of a war-torn world.

Can you feel the power of the frequency of the word “context”, knowing that it means to weave together…

My context is to create context. The weaving together of a life, moment to moment, all on purpose, all with intention, all with relevance. The weaving together to create a masterpiece, to create company, to create authentic alchemy, to support others to own their success.

My manifesto tells the story of me always being intuitive and empathic remembering as a little one always taking the “outcast” under my wing, nurturing them, listening to them, and guiding them. It’s always been there; my talent IS people. I love supporting others realise their uniqueness, their power, their worthiness, their enoughness. 

The world needs us as we are in our brilliance.

My context is to create context, to weave together, all parts of myself, to support you in weaving together all parts of yourself, to guide us in weaving together; dare I say, for me, for you, for us!