How does hypnosis work for manifestation?

Hypnotherapy is an intentional tool that can be used to assist in finding the root cause/belief of any presenting problem and recode that belief to create a better outcome. Why it helps with manifesting is that we manifest from our subconscious mind… what we believe is what we see. This is in essence the way our brain works. Our brilliant brains create programs that run on autopilot to assist us going about our day-to-day, a lot of these programs are installed in childhood because we needed to adapt to our surroundings really quickly. Our brains also filter our environment based on the programs. This is so we don’t get totally overwhelmed by external stimuli through our senses. The challenge with this is that we often have outdated programs that were created relevant to our child mind and because our conscious mind isn’t great at processing much compared to the subconscious, we find that when applying conscious effort to changing our reality or manifesting, we actually have less subconscious alignment. So think of it like this… you want to consciously earn more money, but subconsciously money has been made out to be evil or bad and so no matter how much conscious effort, you can’t seem to make more money. This is where hypnosis comes in, to help get the subconscious program on board to see that those outdated beliefs about money are no longer relevant, that earning more money is good because you can take better care of yourself and your family. You can help more people and so on. Now your filters begin to change, you notice more opportunities to earn and make money, you notice better ways to spend money, you notice how money helps people and before you know it you have manifested the riches you dreamed of. 

This is one example and of course depending on what you’re wanting to manifest, this would be different. The short answer though is yes! Hypnosis really does help to make manifestation easier because it gets the subconscious programs on board with the conscious desires.