I know what you’re thinking! …and I’m not psychic

Hey there, 

When I was a kid I always wanted to harness the power of reading someone’s mind. My intentions may have been more about knowing what other people thought of me than knowing other people’s deepest secrets if I had to admit – telling. But imagine we could read minds, and what if I told you that I could… we can…

A bold suggestion perhaps, and this is exactly why I know I can, because of the power of suggestion. We live in a world where we are constantly hypnotized (I use that word on purpose), into believing who we think we are, what we think we are capable of, and what we think we are meant to do here. We are indoctrinated by TV, the media, social media, influence, and marketing, all very hypnotic in their approach to getting you to believe there is something wrong with you, you are not normal, you are not safe, and that you next this thing and that to be safe, normal, and generally ok. 

This is how I know that you are probably constantly thinking things like…

“I am so scared to make a mistake…”

“What do people think of me…”

“I am so exhausted and wish things would shift…”

“I don’t feel confident, and I am always second-guessing myself…”

“I am worried about the future…”

“I am overwhelmed and feel out of control…”

I would guess this because this is what a lot of my clients, friends, loved ones, colleagues, and even myself have admitted to thinking. And I am sure of this because this is a lot of what is being fed to us on a daily basis about how much better other people are, how we just need to work harder to achieve our dreams, how the future isn’t ensured, and how wrong you are for being who you are.

It’s sick and makes my blood boil quite frankly, especially since in an attempt to garner some degree of autonomy, safety, and “rightness”, we end up pitted against each other defending opinions as if they are territories.

I feel helpless at this sometimes, to be honest, and then I remember my mission… I remember that my talent is people. I remember that when I share my gifts, others may be inspired to share theirs. I remember that us being our incredible authentic selves without the bullshit of who or what you think you need to be loved is actually what brings me the most joy, and the world the most peace.

The first step is to bring you to your center, release the anxiety, and ease into a state of rest, relaxation, and regulation… You can remember that you are worthy and good enough as you are. Where you can reclaim your own nervous system and brain.