I’ve Been Feeling “Meh” Lately. How I’ve been coaching myself.

I’ve been feeling pretty exhausted lately… when I say lately, I mean since March, and when I say exhausted I mean I haven’t done much, if anything productive in the last 6 months. I’ve been in the funkiest funk, feeling meh, and no matter how motivated I may be able to get myself, I just can’t seem to catch momentum… with anything!

Sooo, how are you keeping?

I might take a guess at pretty much the same, especially since everyone I speak to lately is kinda over it too.

As a hypnotist and coach, it’s quite vulnerable and potentially risky to have to admit this to my entire email list. It’s vulnerable since most of you are basically strangers who are most likely here after entering your email address in exchange for a (pretty awesome) free gift I was offering. Admitting I’m overwhelmed is risky since people generally hire coaches to get themselves out of a rut and so if I’m here, how am I meant to support you? 

If I’m being really honest, this is likely the exact reason why I am so exhausted… I have been pretending to have it all together, and chasing industry standards instead of being true and authentic. 

I created my company with the mission to support people in shedding limiting beliefs, overcoming blocks, and recoding outdated unconscious programs. My vision is to guide people to alchemize into their most authentic selves so that they can own their success. I hold this vision for those of us who always felt they are meant for more, yet find ourselves always being good, but not good enough. I want to serve the weirdos and wild ones that have been tamed and told that that’s “not normal”, only to find themselves throttled by life’s expectations with nothing in return. 

I set this intention right at the birth of my business, and I held this vision firmly until I got swept up in comparison, in needing to “get it right”, and in following what I “should do”. I became impatient with the results I was creating. I got swept up with numbers, and milestones. I kept feeling as though I was falling behind, instead of being proud of how far I had come. I looked at what others were doing and thought that that was what I was meant to do too.

I’ve played this game, on defense, my entire life, and I am finding myself more and more uncomfortable with sticking to societal norms and expectations. I am finding myself becoming exhausted by striving for the standards of others. I am finding myself uninspired by doing what I am told is right, but is not right for me. 

And this truth is why I am willing to risk being vulnerable in the hopes of bringing you closer, creating a company with you, as a community, as a client, and as a confidant so that I can alchemize into my authenticity. 

I am admitting to a bunch of strangers on the internet that I am a hypnotist who is tired of her own limiting beliefs, and that I am having to coach myself through one of the most uninspiring times in my life. I am hoping that by me being authentic, by me telling my truth, by me doing business my way you feel seen, and are inspired to do the same.

I had promised in the subject line of this email to tell you how I have been coaching myself through this period. I can’t say that I have reached success yet, but perhaps by sharing these ideas you might get some direction to get yourself back on track, so here is what I have been doing so far…

Creating the foundation with decisions to ensure my safety/well-being:

  1. I’ve made a decision about what is required for my living healthy(ish) – sleep, exercise 2-3 times a week, eat (some) vegetables, drink water, and make sure my space is clean/tidy.
  2. I’ve made a decision about what is required for my livelihood – maintain client commitments, and stay up-to-date with payments (reduce expenses where possible). 
  3. I have made a decision that this is temporary and that my slowing down is not setting me back.


Executing this on the day-to-day:

  1. I am holding myself in grace and compassion, allowing my mood, my energy, and my feelings to be what they are at that moment. I stick to the decisions made above, but allow myself flexibility to go with what feels good, or right for me.
  2. I add things and take things off my to-do list as my energy ebbs and flows, I’ve also had to become ok with being honest with others about where I’m at energy wise, I’ve had to become ok with letting people down, not getting back to people, and also totally let go of what others might think of me. This has been humbling, and quite frankly I feel so terribly for myself that I had run myself ragged based on my perception of other people’s expectations of me.
  3. I’ve stretched out my goals and expectations of success over my lifetime, giving me the spaciousness to slow down, make mistakes, be creative, enjoy myself, and not be measured based on metrics, numbers, and milestones.


It’s been a process, and I don’t really feel totally refreshed yet. I am wholly aware that I am likely in the soupy mess that happens inside the chrysalis between the caterpillar and butterfly phase. I am being a lot more intentional with my time and my energy. I am reassessing what feels good to me. I am reconsidering how I like to do things. I am feeling into my boundaries and taking a lot more responsibility for myself and my decisions. I am being more true to myself. I am figuring out what I want. I am unshaming parts of myself I’ve never let the world see, and most importantly, I am becoming more authentic. 

I would love for you to come along with me during this journey, and if you’re keen I invite you to reach out to me and tell me how you’re navigating this. And if you’re in a different phase and you’re desiring something or someone different, then I say go for it, be clear about what you want, and I wish you every success!