Meet Your Future Self, A Guided Process

In the final months in the year it may be worthwhile to create a juicy Future Self Progression, meaning we get to mentally rehearse the experience we would like to have going forward.

Let’s think about that for a moment, allowing your mind to wonder while you read… you’re getting a glimpse into your future now as the days, weeks, and months roll on by, you see yourself achieving the goals you’ve set for yourself, meeting the picture of health you have for yourself, experiencing the money goals you’ve set out, feeling the relationships you desire… As you see these images flash through your mind of the life you look forward to creating, begin to tune into the feelings that achieving these desires bring for you… Allow those sensations to amplify, freedom, pride, success, security, magic, joy, accomplishment, whatever those feelings are that achieving your desires will offer you…

Also notice, those little shards of doubt that might crop up, and I might even suggest you jot those down… listen to what your unconscious mind is offering you:
“You could never do that.”
“Oh, you tried that before and it never worked.”
“Who do you think you are?”
“That’s too much.”

Hmmm those little shards are what continue to roadblock your future, keeping you looping in the comfort of familiarity.

Let’s go back to your vision… tapping once again into the feelings that achieving this vision would give you, and now I want you to dig beneath those feelings to what those feelings actually give you… acceptance, safety, connection, expression, independence…

Now notice whether those shards of doubt are still there?

You may notice a sense of clarity, and you may even realise that the goals you were initially after, could be refined or approached from a different angle.

For me personally, I have a desire to meet a certain revenue goal in my company, the feeling specifically that I am wanting to create from this is independence. As I sat with this over the last few weeks, I began to realise that I needed to create more independence in other aspects of my life in terms of how I was making decisions, what kinds of routines I was implementing, what commitments I chose. Just this realisation has offered me a sense of achievement in my desire to create a deeper sense of independence that is now opening up the way towards creating my revenue goal.

Play with this over the next few days, and come and join me this Sunday for the first Sunday of the month, where we will deepen this, preparing you for a stellar new year to actually achieving your goals.