Self-Development is a Life-Long Devotion

Gosh this week has been something… it is just me?

I’m lying in a hot detox bath with a glass of wine right now journaling through some heavy topics that have been on my mind recently.

Honestly, I thought I had dealt with all of this, and yet here we are feeling the feelings once again. I will admit though this time around I do have a higher perspective that has enabled me to go even deeper, peel back more layers, and come to some even more profound realisations.

I guess what I am sharing with you is that our journey of this life is only done when we breathe our last breath. There is always more, and it doesn’t mean that we are always healing, it can also mean that we are evolving… and evolution can also be difficult, especially when we realise we’ve outgrown an old version of ourselves.

One of my teachers, Sara Longoria describes this as renovating a derelict house. The initial breaking and building is tough, often peppered with unexpected issues that lengthen the expected time. This is the same when we start a healing journey. Once we’ve created the home of our dreams there’s always going to be maintenance, as is on our journey where sometimes a daily practice of meditation or hypnosis or tapping keeps things moving forward. And then comes a time when you want to upgrade the kitchen or bathroom, change the bedroom carpets… this is what I mean by evolution, and this isn’t as intense as the initial renovation, but still comes with some dust and duggar.