The Reasons People Change… It’s probably not what you think.

I was going through my notes on my phone this morning to see whether there was anything that could spark an idea for my email to you this week – I’ve made a promise to myself to maintain a minimum required devotion to my company no matter what may be going on for me at any given time. This is kind of like the personal commitments we may make around brushing our teeth, or eating one good meal, or showing up to work on time, even if the rest of our lives seem to be going to shit. My two personal promises are to send at least one email to my beloved list (that’s you), and record at least one voice note in The Channel, my private Telegram group where I offer audio-mail if you prefer to listen instead of read.

Anyway, I digress, however a valuable Segway nonetheless… I came across this note that simply included:

Four Times When People Change

  • When they hurt enough that they have to.
  • When the see enough that they are inspired to.
  • When they learn enough that they want to.
  • When they receive enough that they are able to.

I don’t recall exactly what inspired this note, it may have been something I heard or read, or an observation that I have noticed.

Any which way, I do still this that this is quite an insightful reflection that certainly opens the floor for discussion and contemplation.

We are all familiar with the notion that human beings are generally quite resistant to change, and yet change is inevitable – sounds like a cosmic joke, and maybe it is. There is very good reason for why we are resistant to change and that is because the brain favours familiarity. You see, the brain’s job is to keep you safe, and for the brain, safety is found in familiarity, even if what is familiar could be deemed harmful. This is why so many of us battle to change habits, and find ourselves stuck in constant unhelpful cycles. The brain notices that we are still alive, even though we are experiencing harm in our environment and deduces “well, you’re alive, and so if we continue to create that same environment, we can guarantee you will remain alive.” Think about how we continue to find ourselves in abusive relationships, toxic jobs, looping bad habits of food, alcohol, and social media addiction… all of this becomes a familiar comfort zone. Often times the moment we venture out into something new, our brain is now required to consciously begin creating new neural pathways which feel difficult and uncomfortable, and so before we know it, almost as if on autopilot, we slip back into a lull of complacency, only to realise a few weeks, or months, or even years later when we’ve had enough, and so the cycle begins again.

Back to this note about the four reasons people change what these four scenarios offer is the environment for the brain where it is safer to change than stay the same.

This is why I am SO passionate about hypnosis and the unconscious mind, because understanding is power and understanding in hypnosis has the most phenomenal, transforming power. The subconscious mind knows exactly why, when, where and how the issue that is now inspiring change started. Once you are able to see and understand the thoughts, reasons and beliefs enabling the presenting problem you are able to make different choices. It’s just like once you realise that Santa Claus isn’t real, you can never go back to believing he is real – once you “see” the root cause of the presenting problem, you can let go of the false, limiting beliefs. This is the magic of hypnosis, being in a relaxed hypnotic state, you are able to access and understand the meaning attached to various events throughout your life which are often overlooked by the conscious mind. This is why talking about our problems takes so long because we are engaging the conscious mind to logically explain away the issue. You are also in affect reiterating the problem over and over again, only strengthening this neural network, but emotions will always override logic; the conscious mind operates from logic, and the subconscious mind operates from emotion. In hypnosis you are in a receptive, suggestible state where you can give your mind powerful, helpful and transformative suggestions in line with your goals, vision and desires.

Hypnosis helps to move you through ALL four phases to change.

I hope this was valuable, and if you’re ready to change, for any or all of these reasons, perhaps now is the time to ask for the support you need to make these changes. Now might be the perfect time to book your first session with me! Click the button below and let’s make some changes that are the one’s you’ve always wanted!