When Did We Lose Self Trust? And how to start bringing it back

When did we begin to lose trust in ourselves, our own judgement, our own ability to commit, our determination to make things work?

I may not have a direct answer to this question, exactly, however I would speculate that there was probably a moment, likely sometime back in childhood, when we didn’t quite get the warm and supportive response we had expected, and that is what began to wear away at our belief in our ability to trust that we could do something wrong and still be loved.

I’ve worked with people from across the globe, all ages, expressions, backgrounds, cultures, and races where I notice time and time again this tinge of distrust in ourselves, dressed as distrust in the world.

I see this typically as a sense of skepticism… will this work? Will this work for me? I’ve tried everything, and nothing has worked. I’m still here with this same problem, what would you be able to do differently? How can you guarantee this will work? What if it doesn’t? What if this only works for other people? Why if this isn’t happening quickly should I keep trying? What if I’m broken beyond repair?

What if you’re not? What if this will work for you?

When we can begin to differentiate between what’s really happening in our own body and mind, versus the belief blueprints that have been handed to us that detail who we should be, what we should want, when we should be successful (shoulding all over ourselves basically), we may begin to realise that we have the answers within. You have the power to change yourself, you make this work, and you can.

What if we decided this will work for me.

I’ve begun to take on this as a chosen belief… this will work for me. I can have what I want. I am able to make happen what I need to experience my success.

This begins the process of rebuilding self trust, choosing to believe that this will work for me because I want it.

We then begin to make promises to ourselves that we keep – this will work for me.

We accept offerings of support – this will work for me.

We invest in ourselves and our needs – this will work for me.

Simultaneously we begin to rest into our bodies and the wisdom that is our instinct – this will work for me.

We begin to trust the yes, and the no. Not from our head, but from our gut and our heart.

Our body is a barometer for our truth and it’s time we begin to listen again to what is right and true for us in our bodies, beyond what society has told us.

I want to promise you that you are not broken, you are not damaged beyond repair, you simply believe some unhelpful things about yourself and the world.

You can change this, it won’t be easy, there will be ups and downs, and I am guaranteed it will be worth it!

What are you ready to believe will work for you?