Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT®) is a unique treatment developed by Marisa Peer, and is an active method of healing and life improvement which is conducted by a professionally trained RTT® practitioner. Using the science of neuroplasticity, RTT® is a unique and powerful therapy combining the most effective principles of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), psychotherapy, and hypnotherapy which allows people to gain lasting freedom from their issues in as little as one to three sessions. RTT® embraces the positive aspects of hypnotherapy in accessing the subconscious mind to provide positive reinforcement which is widely known to produce a deep and lasting transformative effect. Beyond the traditional aspects of hypnotherapy, RTT® includes additional specialised therapeutic techniques working with the client to support the process of uncovering root cause effects of the limiting issue(s), removing any limiting blocks, reframing perspectives, and facilitating a process of communication with the subconscious mind to initiate the client’s own unique healing intelligence.


As a certified hypnotherapist and RTT® Practitioner, I am skilled to support my clients with persistent physical issues such as chronic pain, skin problems, hearing, sight/vision fertility or weight loss; emotional issues such as fears, phobias, addictions, lack of confidence, procrastination and more;  mental issues like depression, anxiety, addictions, or sleep issues; and spiritual issues like clarity, life purpose, past life regressions and inner child healing. This is not an exhaustive list and the beauty of RTT® is that as a non-invasive approach this therapy may be used for most presenting problems. It is important to note that as with any therapy, results may vary and are not guaranteed.


Understanding is power and understanding in hypnosis has the most phenomenal, transforming power, because the subconscious mind knows exactly why, when, where and how the presenting problem started. Once you are able to see and understand the thoughts, reasons and beliefs enabling the presenting problem you are able to make different choices. It’s just like once you realise that Santa Claus isn’t real, you can never go back to believing he is real – once you “see” the root cause of the presenting problem, you can let go of the false, limiting beliefs. This is the magic of an RTT® session, of being in a relaxed hypnotic state, you are able to access and understand the meaning attached to various events throughout your life which are often overlooked by the conscious mind. This is why talking about our problems takes so long because we are engaging the conscious mind to logically explain away the issue, but emotions will always override logic; the conscious mind operates from logic, and the subconscious mind operates from emotion. In hypnosis you are in a receptive, suggestible state where you can give your mind powerful, helpful and transformative suggestions in line with your goals, vision and desires.


Every client is unique and every session is different. Sometimes after a session the client may feel drained and sometimes the client may feel energised. Even clients who have multiple sessions may feel different from session to session. It is best not to have any expectations, rather listen to your body and follow the natural cues that come. I always advise my clients to schedule their session on a day where they don’t have many other commitments. Also directly after a session it is best to drink lots of water and eat a nutritious meal to ground and replenish the body. It is quite normal to have additional memories come up after a session and often clients report having vivid dreams. This is simply your subconscious mind giving you more information based on what came up during the session. Some clients may experience additional releasing of emotions and feelings through sneezing, yawning, coughing, of needing to go to the bathroom more. Anything that you may experience after a session is totally normal.


This is very much dependent on the client and their unique needs. Typically when working on one specific issue clients notice significant shifts within one session, however in certain more complex instances it will be advised to conduct up to three sessions. Some clients want to work on multiple issues and in these instances it is best to conduct multiple sessions each specific to one issue at a time. The more specific we are with the core issue, the better the mind responds and the better the results will be. The session itself is about 60% of the work, and listening to your personalised hypno-audio for a minimum of 21 days is the further 40%. The session is a collaborative process and the client must want to change and develop, in fact the healing power and transformation exists within you, I am simply guiding you and activating your innate brilliance, supporting you in remembering who you really are. After the 21 days we will have a 30 minute follow up call to discuss your wins and shifts, and any further steps that may help.


RTT® can be done both virtually or in person and is highly effective in all circumstances. Since I service clients all around the world, I prefer to conduct sessions with my clients online using Zoom. Plus the added benefits of convenience and the comfort of being in your own home, make virtual sessions best for us all. For your session you will need a strong, reliable internet connection and the ability to have a 3-hour window or quiet and uninterrupted time.


RTT® is unlike traditional talk therapy as we won’t be consciously talking about the presenting problem trying to logically figure out the cause. By using hypnosis we are able to access the subconscious mind to investigate and identify the root cause of the presenting problem. Once you understand why, when and how the presenting problem had been created we are able to interrupt the looping pattern and install your desired outcome, this is why the intake form and information phase of your RTT® experience are weighted towards what you want and what your life would look like without the problem.


There are typically 3 ways to experience change from your RTT® session. Every person is unique and experiences change in accordance to them. You can expect changes in any or all of these ways:

Immediate: after your RTT® session you may notice a massive shift in your beliefs, feelings and emotions. In certain cases immediate relief from physical issues has also been documented.

Incremental or cumulative: you notice small shifts and improvements every day over time.

Retroactive: where you don’t notice any specific shifts immediately but after a few months you look back and realise how different you are now compared to then.

All of these changes are expected, welcomed, and are perfectly in alignment with your healing process. This is much the same kind of recovery progress after having a broken bone reset; immediately after the bone is now straight and in place, as the days go on, pain improves and after a few weeks the cast is removed and the bone has set. With added physiotherapy, complete mobility is regained and after a few months a complete transformation is realised. The mind loves what is familiar and our old neural pathways, beliefs, and ways of thinking are deeply engrained and so sometimes the mind likes to go back to the “old ways” because of familiarity. Your personalised hypno-audio is like the plaster cast used to set a broken bone – this hypno-audio is designed to reinforce and integrate your new, preferred neural pathways to stimulate new thoughts, beliefs and habits. It may take some time for these new patterns to sink in and even if you don’t notice massive immediate changes, be patient, trust that you are making progress and allow the process happen. Where your mind goes the focus grows and so the more you listen to your personalised hypno-audio, the more you allow yourself to expect change, the more you focus on new pathways, behaviours and beliefs, the more they will grow.


Hypnosis is very safe and in fact is a natural trans-like or flow state that we often go into throughout our waking day. Hypnosis is determined by one’s brainwaves and whether the brain is functioning in a beta, alpha, theta or delta brain wave.

Beta brain is when we are alert and awake, like when conducting a client meeting, having a meaningful conversation or doing any kind of active thinking activity. In this state, one is predominantly operating from the conscious mind.

Alpha brain, which is typically as the critical conscious mind begins to quieten and you are operating in more of a flow state. This is often the case when you are driving, scrolling through social media, watching TV, walking through nature, being creative or at any time when you feel yourself not actively thinking, but more like flowing or on autopilot. As you can imagine, we “go into” an alpha brain state quite regularly throughout the day and this is where hypnosis becomes a purposeful, results-driven technique to ensure our autopilot thinking is what we want it to be. This is where hypnotherapy predominantly operates.

Theta brain is usually activated as we are going to sleep or waking up. This brain state is when we are the most relaxed and suggestible. Your bespoke hypno-audio will likely take you into a more theta brain state really allowing your ideal thoughts and beliefs to penetrate and wire into your subconscious mind.

Delta brain is when you are asleep. The brain waves slow down completely, the mind is totally relaxed and the body is now able to regenerate.


No, you are in complete control of everything throughout your entire session. While in hypnosis you are able to hear, feel and understand everything and in fact may even have slightly heightened senses. Hypnosis really feels like a deeply relaxing guided meditation. You are easily able to “come out” of hypnosis at any time during your session and the main reason why you will be staying in hypnosis is because I will be there guiding you and talking to you throughout. Should we lose internet connection, and it suddenly goes quiet, you will easily and naturally be able to open your eyes and reconnect with me. You will also remember everything that happened during your session, and you don’t have to share anything that you don’t want to, you are always in control.


No, as mentioned earlier, hypnosis is a very safe and natural flow state that we go into often throughout the day while driving, watching TV or scrolling on social media. During your RTT® session you are always in complete control and you can easily bring yourself out of hypnosis. Remember, using RTT® and hypnotherapy is a safe and highly effective way of being purposeful with your thoughts and beliefs, in doing this you are able to be free of any outdated programming that has been causing you pain and suffering. 


Since hypnosis is a very safe and natural flow state that we often go into throughout our day while watching TV, scrolling on social media or even while driving, this means that everyone can be intentionally hypnotized. Hypnosis induction is simply a tool to help you relax and enable us to access the vault of information in your subconscious mind so that we can change the limiting beliefs and thoughts causing your issue. Being in hypnosis simply means being in an alpha brain wave state, which your brain naturally does when you

wake up in the morning and before you sleep at night. This is a totally normal state for your brain. I also give you a free relaxation audio before your session to help you prepare, so you know what to expect and can get used to being relaxed in hypnosis.


A small portion of your RTT® session will include going back to scenes, events or memories that were the root cause of the presenting problem, and it is important to remember that any scenes that occur are simply being reviewed and not relived. Not all scenes are painful and the subconscious mind will only bring up what is absolutely necessary to understand the root cause. I will be guiding you though out the session, directing your subconscious mind to give us the answers that you are looking for related to the presenting problem. Although in some cases it may be emotional to see certain scenes, there is no way of you actually reliving or being retraumatised by a past experience. Allowing yourself to release and let go of these emotions is a powerful part of your healing and transformation. Reviewing these scenes allows you to understand how they are causing you to be stuck, giving you an understanding to move on and empowering you to let go of how those events may have been affecting you.


I am a Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT®) Practitioner & Coach. My certifications include Rapid Transformational Therapy ® Practitioner and Certified Hypnotherapist. I do not diagnose, treat, or cure physical, mental or psychological disease(s). RTT® sessions are not a substitute for diagnosis or treatment from a qualified medical or mental health practitioner. There is not, nor will there be, any type of psychological therapy/counselling included within the session. If these services are needed, or the need for them is identified at any stage during the session, it is your responsibility to seek these services from a licensed professional.


RTT® is not suitable for anyone with a history of epilepsy, or anyone with a history of psychiatric conditions such as bipolar, schizophrenia or multiple personality disorder. If you are having active suicidal thoughts or thoughts about harming yourself, it is recommended to rather seek professional help with a licensed mental health practitioner.